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These are the our Services

Sales Cloud

Convert more leads, close more deals, and understand the health of your entire business with Sales Cloud

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Experience/Community Cloud

A community cloud in computing is a collaborative effort in which infrastructure is shared between several

organizations from a specific community with common concerns.

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Salesforce Developement

We build mobile & enterprise applications in the cloud with the Salesforce1 Platform,, Heroku

and ExactTarget Fuel.

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Salesforce Consulting

We apply our ample CRM consulting experience to help the enterprises in professional services, retail,

IT, manufacturing and other industries benefit from Salesforce use.

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Marketing Cloud

We provide a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create

and manage marketing relationships and campaigns with customers.

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Website Developement

Our expert in-house team uses cutting edge technologies to build custom web applications that are

stunning, robust, secure and scalable and we follow agile development methodology to ensure flexibility and faster delivery.

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Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a customer service platform that helps businesses manage and resolve customer

inquiries and issues.

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APIs and Integration

The process of connecting two or more applications or systems by using APIs (Application

Programming Interfaces) to exchange data and perform actions.

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Helps marketers identify prospective customers and convert them into actual customers. Pardot

can be used to route leads to sales, create automated marketing campaigns, analyze prospect activity, and guide prospects through the buying journey.

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Tableau is a visual analytics platform transforming the way we use data to solve problems

empowering people and organizations to make the most of their data.

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The Nonprofit Success Pack helps nonprofit organizations get started using Salesforce by

providing pre-built configurations that a nonprofit is likely to need. NPSP includes: New custom objects​ like Relationships, Affiliations, and Payments.

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